061109 | EUC 06
061111 | SVN Repo
061112 | 1st Web page
070312 | major rewrite
070828 | restructured repo Logo

Welcome to the ErlHive project

This project is just getting started. If you want to join as a developer, please contact Ulf Wiger or Joe Armstrong. One of the first things we will try to do is to get a server up somewhere, where you can get a developer account and start trying it out live. Stay tuned.

New svn structure + more rewrites (Aug 28 '07)

The repository has been reorganized to enable branching. The previous version is available from:

svn co

The newest, most exciting, and least stable stuff will be in trunk/, as it should be. I've broken up the code for more modularity, and added support for several standard OTP modules: file, gen_server, the io subsystem, etc.

Major rewrite (March 12 '07)

I have just checked in a fully rewritten version. The most exciting new stuff is support for processes within transactions. In fact, most things that you'd expect to do in an Erlang program should now work (with a few limitations).


The code for the erlhive backend now exists in a subversion repository. Most of the examples compile. The prototype front-end is coming along slowly.


To provide a suitable set of abstractions for developing web applications, and to deliver a safe multi-user web application development environment. We will attempt to build tool systems for Open Source and corporate environments, where different users can actually customize the interface to existing applications, and easily develop new applications, without compromising the integrity or security of the existing ones. We are also curious about on-line application development as a social phenomenon, as developers are given the chance to prototype web apps with live component sharing between developers.